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23.5"H x 31.5"W with two 23.5"H x 15.5"W side panels. Carry your shield everywhere. Extra layer of protection. 3/16" thickness with rounded corners. Social distancing barriers help eliminate direct contact. Perfect for Offices, Schools, Restaurants and more! Easy to wipe and clean. Counter shield makes you feel comfortable and guarded. Customizable sneeze guards also available.

• Material: Acrylic
• Thickness: 3/16"
• Color: Clear
• Size: Front panel (23.5"H x 31.5"W) with two side panels (23.5"H x 15.5"W)
• Made in USA
• Customizable Sneeze Guards

Customizable Sneeze Guards

• Customize to your requirement
• Fold-able
• 1 panel

Customizable Sneeze Guard Foldable 3-Panel Clear Desk Shield

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