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Healthcare & retail sectors will appreciate its ergonomics and protection against splashes. Light yet resistant, NINKA ensures a safer work environment for every person who may be in physical contact with others. Unfit to impact resistance.

Its simplicity of use and design will ensure a high level of comfort all day long. NINKA’s PET lens, naturally fog resistant provides a great field of view as well as a great optic clarity and its wide frame can fit over prescription glasses.

• Ergonomic tipgrip temples without pressure points
• Simple & quick lens replacement
• Protection against blood, body fluids, splashes, large droplets, and airborne pathogens
• Upper frame protection
• Protective film on both sides of the lens
• Lens size: 9’’ 1/16 x 2’’ 3/4
• Weight: 0.49 oz
• Comes in 4 packaging sizes to answers all demands (accessories can be ordered separately):
Ninka large kit: 100 frames + 100 lenses
Ninka mini kit: 5 frames + 20 lenses
Ninka lens box: 200 lenses
Ninka frame box: 50 frames

Technical Specifications

• Clear lens technology is approved for permanent wear and certified with perfect optical quality. Comes with Anti-scratch/Anti-fog (ASAF) coatings.
• Lens weight: 10 oz
• The non-slip TIPGRIP technology ensures a better fit thanks to its dualmaterial design and innovative shape, improving temple comfort and hold.
• Frame weight: 38 oz

Bollé Safety Ninka Protective Eye Shield PET Lens Anti-scratch/Anti-fog

  • Downloadable Technical Specification Sheet

    Bollé SafetyNinka Technical Specification Sheet
    Click to Download

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