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Give your kids the best protection with our 3-ply premium disposable face masks. These are FDA-certified and the BFE is ≥ 95% to 99%. The first and third plies are made from 24.5% non-woven fabric, while the middle ply is melt-blown 29%, giving it an extra layer of protection. 


• BFE ≥ 95% TO 99%
• 3-ply, non-woven disposable face mask
• 1st ply: non woven fabric 24.5%
• 2nd ply: melt-blown 24.5%
• 3rd ply: non woven fabric 29%
• FDA Certified for general public use only (Non-Medical)
• 50 pieces per box

Premium 3 ply White Kids Disposable Face Mask FDA Approved 50 pieces per box

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